Putnam Propane Gas Inc. not only delivers propane, but has friendly and knowledgeable staff who can help you with any questions regarding your propane service, as well as servicing your existing appliances or installing a new propane appliance in and around your home.

Carmel, NY

#2 Home Heating Oil

For your convenience, we also offer #2 Home Heating oil deliveries at competitive prices.    


Installing or replacing existing appliances with propane powered units is more energy efficient and saves you money.  

Our services

We take pride knowing that our employees are current, up to date and compliant with all local and state safety codes by providing ongoing training and education.  For the safety of our customers and employees, we conform to these guidelines to install and deliver propane to you in a safe manner.

Safety is our #1 Priority

Our Service Technicians are licensed and trained to service and install your propane appliances, so you can confidently be up and running as quick as possible.  

Heating your home with Propane:  

  • ​On Average, heating your home with propane is more cost effective than electricity
  • Propane Boilers require almost zero maintenance compared to Oil Furnaces
  • Cleaner burn for the environment​

Free-Standing or Gas Insert Fireplaces:

  • Vented and ventless fireplaces have less heat loss than traditional fireplaces through open dampers
  • Better air quality and reduced allergens in your home than wood burning fireplaces
  • No wood debris or ash to clean
  • Instant warmth with a switch or remote control

Clothes Dryer:

  • ​Propane Gas Dryers efficiently and evenly dry clothes faster than electric

Cooking with Gas:

  • Instant flame lets you start cooking faster, than waiting for burners to heat up
  • Propane cooktops and ranges cook food more evenly than electric

Small Space Heat:

  • During winter months, heat small spaces such as garages or basements with a temperature controlled space heater

Outdoor uses:

  • Pool/Spa Heat: Start early or extend your pool season with a propane heater
  • Patio Heater: ​Warm up outdoors on cool evenings or chilly mornings
  • Outdoor Fireplaces: Create an inviting outdoor space with an outdoor propane fireplace​​

Keep the Power On!

Dont' get caught without power during a storm.  Mass power outages happen during the summer and winter months.  Along with LP installation and supplying fuel for LP generators, Putnam Propane also provides recommended yearly maintenance service to your propane generators.

Special Offer:

Current customers of Putnam Propane Gas receive $.02 off/gal of #2 Home Heating Oil from Putnam Energy.  One stop shopping pays off!

We'll Bring the BBQ to You!

Take advantage of Putnam Propane's BBQ Tank Home Delivery Service! Exchange your tank(s) or purchase a full tank(s) without ever leaving your home...Convenient, Safe and Easy.